1975 Chevrolet Caprice Classic *

Elliot saw this medium blue Caprice Classic convertible at the Chicago Auto Show and arranged for delivery after it ended. The motor is a 400 cu. in. V-8 with a 4 bbl. Elliot and Terry (owner of a ’71 Barracuda) used this as their wedding car. It was used as a family car for years. Terry would take the kids to school in this Chevy and the snow would blow in the lousy weather stripping. Elliot put an ad in the Trading Times in 1980 to sell it for $ 1,500 but no one took it so they decided to keep the car. It was a family car until 1990. Then they decided to drive it in the summers and in good weather. Chicago weather and road salt took their toll on the body and rusted panels had to be repaired plus it’s been repainted twice. The Caprice classic has 87,000 miles. When their son got married, this car was used in his wedding too.

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