Lombard 7-13-2013 Post

1963 Corvette

1963 Corvette

Another ‘full house’ at Lombard Cruise Night; and for the first time this season the bank parking lot was filled with show cars. I finally got another chance to talk with Mike, the owner of a great ’63 Corvette split window coupe. Many buddies were there and one was the owner of a fine ’55 Crown Victoria but he was late and didn’t think he could find room for his great car (quite true).

I recorded some Bossy Dog tunes, some of which are here.

Bob bought this white 1975 Corvette new in 1974 and has been it’s only owner. It was never his ‘daily driver’ because early on he was a salesman and he had a company car. He didn’t even know about car shows until 10 years ago but then started attending. The car is original even down to the paint overspray and glue marks (Chevrolet’s build quality wasn’t so good). Mileage is 39,000.

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In researching their covers, I ran into Do You Love Me by The Contours; this is so good I have to embed that rendition as well.

My recordings from the show

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