Lombard Cruise Night 7-27-2013

The weather was threatening but I saw plenty of my friends. On Park it was ‘pony time’ and there must’ve been a dozen Mustangs surrounding three Pontiacs. The band was the Saracens and they played 60s music; they formed their rock band in the 1960s and have gotten back together! Here are some of their tunes from Saturday.

1955 Porsche

1955 Porsche 550A

Two ‘new’ cars caught my eye at this event. One was a 1955 Porsche 550A Spyder streetable race car that he bought in 2004 after he retired from racing Porsche’s. He bought the car from someone in Seattle and had it shipped here. It has no top, radio or side windows, only the essentials to race. Tom raced at tracks like Sebring and Elkhart Lake from 1983 to 2004 with a professional license for the enjoyment. This is the model of car that famous 1950s actor James Dean was driving when an accident took his life on 2-08-1955.

The second car was a 4-door 1956 Mercury Medalist Phaeton hardtop. Mercury first made a hardtop in ’56 and they lowered the roof three inches, which makes a hardtop stand out alongside a sedan; sedans have a (structural) post between the front and rear side windows. The motor is a 312 cu.in. with a 2 bbl producing 235 bhp which is 10 bhp more than the stick shift model. This has a 3-speed Merc-O-matic – automatic transmission, whereas Fords of that year had 2-speed Ford-O-matics. This is the third ’56 Merc I’ve seen this week and all were great. This is the red and white ’56 Montclair hardtop (from Bensenville) and here’s the orange and white ’56 Montclair convertible (from Addison).

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