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1956 Ford Fairlane Victoria hardtop

This looked very much like a ’55 to me but I did find out about the minor differences in the taillights, trim and dashboard. He’s had this vehicle since 1970. This automobile is restored original; the car was repainted in … Continue reading

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1955 Ford Customline

This light green Ford has been part of Sal and Dee’s (whose first car was a Henry J)  family for 27 years, but he was an over-the-road trucker so the car just started to get out when he retired. They … Continue reading

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1974 Ford Gran Torino, ‘Starsky & Hutch’ car

Tina and Gary have owned this Gran Torino since about 2008 (and they also have a right-hand drive ’67 Rolls Royce). The motor is a 351 cubic inch Windsor (Canadian built).

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1966 Ford Thunderbird

Tom has owned this ’66 Ford Thunderbird for a few months and it’s required some work. He likes ‘ragtops’ and has a white El Dorado convertible too. In high school he 65 hard top so at 21, he bought a … Continue reading

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1966 Ford Galaxy

Joe owned a rusted out Galaxie with a 428 motor as a parts car. On his honeymoon in 1991 to Florida he saw this car on a car lot in Clearwater; it had a 289 and automatic. He used their … Continue reading

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1955 Ford Crown Victoria

The Ford Crown Victoria, or Crown Vic, was first produced in 1955 and lasted only two years until the Crown Vic name came back in 1979 as an LTD Crown Victoria. Later there was a Crown Vic for the police … Continue reading

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1955 Ford Victoria Coupe

Jim and Mary have owned this vehicle since about 1999-2000 and he had it restored in Marlow, Oklahoma where he found it. He dropped a ’68 Ford 302 cubic inch V-8 Police Interceptor motor and it is normally aspirated with … Continue reading

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1928 Ford A-Model Coupe w/Rumble seat

Leo purchased this classy black ’28 A-Model Ford nine years ago on his 75th birthday (or his wife bought it for him, my notes are incomplete). It is original although the tires (original style) and brakes were replaced. The odometer … Continue reading

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1956 Ford ‘Country Sedan’ Station Wagon

Don  (of Oak Park, Illinois) bought this 1956 Ford Country Sedan in Michigan in 1982. It has many (necessary) upgrades as he drives it a lot. In 2003 he found a Shasta Travel Trailer and restored it to match the … Continue reading

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1936 Ford Club Cabriolet

Trent’s beautuful auto was the first one I remember shooting at car shows when Forest Park started Cruise Night in 2009. I see it most often and have over 100 photos of it. I’ve wanted to learn more about this … Continue reading

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