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  1. Jeff Borowiak says:

    This is a ggreat photo. I realy like your site. Do you get many hits? You will if you hand out cards. We are photographers and we shot cars. But we see things different from each other. That is the beauty of photography. You don’t show every single photo you take. That is not your style. Take a lot and just show the best. Hot rod deals is a many site. Yours is an art site. I show a lot of fair pic on that site. I like about an eighth of what I shot. When I was going to school I shot many and shown a few. (another site) doesn’t account for creative shots. How much is this site? I have all the time in the world and can work a site like yours. Thanks for the tip. See you at the next show. Jeff

    • gsghert01 says:

      Thank you Jeff. I don’t show all my pictures partly because I don’t want several very similar shots of the same car and some photos aren’t keepers; I do try to show all the cars I’ve captured. Also I take some crowd pictures which sometimes don’t work right. Also, I’m deliberate with my photos so it takes me ‘longer than the average bear’ to edit & process (98% with Lightroom, the rest PS). I’ll grab a handful of images from each show as a ‘teaser gallery’ along with as subset of the music that was heard at the event and put that in my post. The full set of event photos goes onto a separate ‘page’.

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